| Xtreme Lash Extensions by Lash Lounge Atlanta |

Say goodbye to mascara!


Lash Lounge Atlanta is the place to go for eyelash extensions in Atlanta.  Our eyelash extensions are semi- permanent, individual synthetic extensions that are curved to replicate a natural lash.  They are applied to your individual natural lash one extension at a time, for a natural, elegant look to lengthen and add fullness.

Our eyelash extensions look and feel completely real.  Application is customized to suite the individual as we have various thicknesses and lengths to choose from.  Our eyelash extensions are designed to be indistinguishable from your natural lash and the overall effect is added curl, thickness and length.

When applied correctly eyelash extensions can create a younger appearance almost anyone.  Several of Lash Lounge Atlanta’s clients who were contemplating on having cosmetic surgery done on their faces feel they no longer need it as a result of having eyelash extensions as they create a more open and rested eye.

Above all, one of the best advantages is how much time eyelash extensions can save during your daily beauty regimen.  Say goodbye to mascara and look beautiful all morning and night!

Contact us and make an appointment.  We are ready and eager to help you look your best!